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Designer @ Mural

Fullstack Engineer @ Mural

About Mural

***Mural is the fastest crypto payouts platform, built for the global workforce. Our enterprise software platform enables financial teams to seamlessly manage crypto payouts for employees, contractors, and vendors worldwide.***

Based in New York City and founded by former Palantir leaders, the Mural team is reimagining the financial systems for the global workforce of tomorrow by building a powerful fintech platform that makes it faster, simpler, and cheaper to manage payouts and invoices.

We’re supported by leading venture capital firms including Galaxy Digital, Firstminute Capital, Digital Currency Group, AlleyCorp, Global Coin Research, and unicorn founders/executives at companies including Alchemy, MongoDB, Digits, Palantir, Ledger, Argent, Esusu, Gorillas, Fei Protocol, and more.

Our Manifesto

We believe the world is in need of a new financial system - one that promotes financial access and independence for everyone. There are over 1.4 billion people in the world with no access to banks or financial services. It is time to rewrite the story.

With the increasing globalization of business and decentralization of the workforce, there needs to be a major evolution in global payment infrastructure. Traditional payment systems suffer from high-fees, slow processing times, and complex intermediary networks - which lead to delays and complications in managing payouts and invoicing for employees, contractors, and vendors worldwide.

Blockchain-based financial networks provide an alternative for fast, secure, and cost effective global payments - opening the door to greater financial access in the global workforce and streamlined financial operations for global businesses.

We reject the status quo of waiting several days to move money, paying expensive fees, sending screenshots of bank statements as confirmation receipts, calling banks and payment processors to ask where our money is, and not having direct control over our assets. We are paving a path for companies around the world to tap into this innovation, fueling the growth of communities worldwide with new financial access.

We are a global team, our roots hailing from France, US, Togo, China, Italy, Australia, Colombia, and more. We believe everyone has the right to participate in the world’s financial network to build a better future for our families, friends, and communities. We strive to…